Can I install my bathroom fan in the ceiling? Yes, all Fresh fans are designed to be installed both in the ceiling and on the wall. However, please note that cold air supply vents should never be used for ceiling installation, but only for installation through an exterior wall.
Is there a fan that reacts to smell? Yes, Intellivent ICE is the world's first bathroom fan with an odor sensor.
The app is not able to connect to my Intellivent ICE. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on on your phone and that you have granted the app permission to use Bluetooth. This can be done in settings by scrolling down to the app, entering it, and allowing Bluetooth access.

Is there a fan that can be controlled via an app? Yes, Intellivent ICE has this feature. The app is called Fresh Ventilation and is available for both iOS and Android.
Am I, as a private individual, allowed to install a bathroom fan? You may install the fan on the wall or ceiling but not perform the electrical installation. Electrical wiring should be done by a certified electrician.
Can Intellivent operate at a base flow/continuous mode and also automatically increase the speed if the humidity level in the room rises? Yes, this function is available on all Intellivent models. Additionally, you can choose the speed you want for the base flow.
Can I install a bathroom fan in an existing passive ventilation duct? Yes, it can be done, if it's a dedicated duct. Also, make sure the duct is insulated and sealed.
Is it possible to deactivate the ventilation function on Fresh Intellivent? Intellivent ICE - Yes, via the app.
Intellivent 2.0 - No, the ventilation function is always active regardless of installation options and cannot be deactivated.
Can I place my bathroom fan anywhere in the bathroom? It depends on the fan's IP rating. All Intellivent models (ICE and 2.0) have an IP rating of 44 and can therefore be installed in zone 1.
Is there a remote control for Intellivent? Intellivent 2.0 - No, the control panel is located on the right side of the fan under the front cover.
ICE- No, but you can control the fan via the app or via the touch panel on the right side of the fan.
Is it possible to deactivate the humidity control completely on Intellivent? Intellivent ICE- Yes, both via the app and touch panel.
Intellivent 2.0 - Yes, via the touch panel. Refer to the Advanced Features - Selection of humidity sensitivity mode in the manual.
I have a strong draft in my passive ventilation duct in the bathroom. What could be the cause? It could be due to several reasons. For example: strong exhaust from other spaces, such as kitchen exhaust fan, fireplace. Another cause could be different weather conditions. If this problem occurs frequently, you can install a bathroom fan that runs continuously.
I'm looking for a bathroom fan that can be activated with a pull cord, do you have that? Yes, on the Intellivent 2.0 model, you can mount a pull cord (included in the packaging). Pulling the cord activates the fan and runs it for the set timer duration: 5, 15, or 30 minutes.
Is there a fan where you can detach the propeller blades to facilitate easier cleaning of the fan? Yes, on both Intellivent models, Intellivent 2.0 and Intellivent ICE, you can detach the propeller blade. 
I have recently installed a stove in my house. I would now like to distribute excess heat to an adjacent room in the house using a fan that I can control the speed of. If you're going to distribute heat to an adjacent room, you can use our heat transfer unit, Intellivent Celsius. It has built-in speed control and thermostat. As an accessory, there is a shorter wall penetration and grille available. (135114)
Can I install Intellivent Celsius in my sauna? No, the maximum ambient temperature for the fan is 50°C.
Can you change the airflow direction on an Intellivent Celsius? No, the fan is not reversible and should be placed in the overheated space.


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