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Fresh wet rooms with healthy fans

Good ventilation is a necessity in bathrooms and wet rooms if you are to avoid damp, mould and drafts. Are you unsure of which fan best suits your specific needs? We can guide you to the best solution.

Efficient air exchange provides fresh wet rooms. Make sure that you have a sufficient supply of fresh air by installing air vents in adjoining rooms and ensuring that air is able to circulate around your home. You should also consider installing a mechanical extraction fan that can quickly and efficiently transport moist air away – either via a ventilation duct or directly to the exterior of the building.

Bathroom fans
Buildings equipped with natural draft ventilation often require reinforcement with fans in wet rooms such as bathrooms, showers and utility rooms. Keep in mind that you should choose a humidity controlled fan in these spaces. The Fresh range of bathroom fans effectively prevents problems with damp in bathrooms and wet rooms.

Installation tips
• Never install on a duct that is already being used by another fan
• Always employ a qualified electrician for electrical installations
• We always recommend draft exclusion when mounting on exterior walls (not for roof installations)
• Use cover plates on oversized holes.

Placement beside showers/baths


Duct fans
In some cases, where there is nowhere to install an extraction fan, it may be necessary to install a duct to lead air from the bathroom or wet room. Fresh also supplies fans for installation in duct systems. Duct fans allow you to conveniently increase the flow of exhaust air from your wet room, thereby improving your indoor climate.

Installation tips
• Soundproof on both sides of the duct fan or at every supply and exhaust vent.
• Always insulate ducts in cold spaces to avoid condensation.

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