Window vent AL-dB 450/40 white


Sound-absorbent trickle vent designed for installation in the lintel of the window frame. Equipped with infinitely adjustable shutter and filter. 450/40 white.


Infinitely adjustable shutter

Extruded aluminium


General Sound-absorbent trickle vent designed to meet growing demands for noise reduction. The vent has a specially designed front piece that produces low air speed and good mixture with the room air. Available in two lengths, 456 mm and 806 mm. The shorter length also has a variant with stormproofing that is excellent for use in areas exposed to the wind. The stormproofing prevents over-ventilation through the impact of wind. An external drip nose made of ABS plastic is available as an accessory. Internal vent part The internal vent part is made of extruded aluminium, with ends made of ABS plastic. Equipped with dust and insect filter as standard. Flow is regulated with an infinitely adjustable shutter, which is adjusted with a control in the front. The vent can also be ordered with basic flow restrictor to ensure a specific basic flow. Installation/positioning During installation, two clips are screwed into place in the lintel of the window frame. The vent is then pressed into place in these. A sealing strip located on the rear of the vent seals against the frame. To facilitate drilling or milling for the air duct, a drilling template or hole template is available as an accessory. This guides the drill and gives the right distance between holes. Maintenance To ensure good air quality and maintained flow, the filter should be cleaned 1–2 times a year using a mild soap solution. No other regular maintenance is required. If necessary, the device can be easily removed for cleaning with e.g. a vacuum or small brush. For removal, the screws securing the clips are undone via the holes in the shutter. The filter sits in the front, which is easy to remove.

Article codes

Art no:
EAN 13:


Product Width:
456 mm
Product Height:
30 mm
Product Depth:
100 mm
Product Weight:
0.717 kg


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